Texas HoldEm a Great Poker Game

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Widely cited as the most popular version of the fantastic casino card game poker, Texas Hold ‘Em is played around the world by people of all ages. Young or old, new or experienced and for real money or play money, Texas Hold ‘Em is one of the best types of poker to play – and can be extremely lucrative if one can play well.

Known commonly as simply ‘Hold ‘Em’, Texas Hold ‘Em’s history can be dated back effectively to the early 1900’s to Robstown, Texas, United States of America. Whilst most believe that the game’s history reaches further back than this, the early 1900’s were when the state of Texas officially recognised Texas Hold ‘Em as a card game.

During the following years, Texas Hold ‘Em became massively popular and by the mid-1960’s it had reached the hallowed gambling ground of Las Vegas. Unbeknown to most at the time, Texas Hold ‘Em was to become the biggest played card game in the world. However, there were a few people who could see the game’s potential, most famously Crandell Adlington, a well-known gambler who said when he first saw Texas Hold ‘Em being played in the late 1950’s, he realised that if it were to be taken to the masses, it would become the number one game to play.

Somewhat surprisingly, Texas Hold ‘Em poker wasn’t overly popular at first in Las Vegas. Played only in small game rooms in casinos that were mostly off The Strip, this actually proved vital to the game’s future success. Due to the lack of popularity in the beginning, many professional poker players such as Amarillo Slim and Doyle Brunson studied the game and became experts, beating almost everyone who they played against. Seeing the amounts of money this duo was winning and the amount of people following the two players, casino’s along The Strip started paying more attention to Texas Hold ‘Em and more and more tables were being opened up for dedicated Texas Hold ‘Em games. By the middle of the 1980’s, Texas Hold ‘Em was dominating the Las Vegas poker scene and was becoming increasingly popular, for the first time since its origin, outside of the state of Nevada.

One of the primary reasons why so many people love Texas Hold ‘Em is that it is not simply a gambling game. Due to the four opportunities of betting throughout the game, it is possible for players to operate much more strategically and therefore have the chance to earn a great deal of money much more quickly against newer Texas Hold ‘Em players.

There are many different tactics that professional Texas Hold ‘Em players put into practice, each varying slightly from the last. From taking count of their chance of winning the hand from the pre-flop, players will then continue to look at their odds of winning throughout each hand, bluffing where necessary. It has to be noted that most professional Texas Hold ‘Em players will study and memorise their chances of winning the hand prior to playing regularly, which is one of the primary mistakes most amateur-professional players make

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